2 Aug

Sometimes I feel lucky.  Now, I’m not talking about four-leaf clover lucky.  I’m talking about the I have these people in my life lucky.  It’s kind of amazing.

In fact, I feel sorry when I forget…

It’s the little things.  I’ll always have a friend to take me to (or pick me up from) the airport.  I can pretty easily find someone for a walk.  A coffee.  A smile.  A RANT!

(Although, in fairness, you’d enjoy my rants too :P).

I have people who will help me move.

I do believe that this may be the true test of friendship– will you box my shit and do it with a smile?  And, will you do it– simply because you like me?

What we can do we must.  This is a must do for real friendship.

Moving, baking, crying, loving– these are the things that make real friendships.  Not ‘winging’ at a bar.

(Although, from time to time that’s fun too!)

Still, I had to learn this deeper friendship code.  I learned it in negation and need.  I first had to fake it by being the ‘party’ girl (who actually felt utterly alone as she snaked into the bathroom to pour out her drinks) until the party stopped.

Sometimes, when a door closes, breezes of love flutter through.

Let them.

Move them 🙂

To:  A. A. C. G. K. L. M. S. Z. and the plus ones :P! Thank you for being a friend.

I am SO lucky.

One Response to “Lucky”

  1. Christopher Snell August 2, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    When I have that feeling of being lucky, I feel the connection with the Powerful Me. That when I’m experiencing “being lucky” I’m also attracting not only luck and good fortune I’m also attracting people of abundance. Abundance being people and their random acts of kindness just because it’s me. There’s a place in the emotional Self that we click into, call it The Higher Self, or The Higher Power… it’s where we have stepped into a field of attracting abundance. Now we can make this into a science and bring it into the conscious mind, because for the most part it’s an unconscious act. And this is not a random act, you can and probably do… bring this in all the time.
    Blessings Are falling in abundance about you, see how lucky you are…

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