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31 Aug

And, reboot…

You don’t have to be a sad mac. 🙂

Have a sweet day!



Boys are Stupid

30 Aug

Okay.  Not really.  BUT, our gender roles need to be reassessed.  And, fast!

Most days, I love being girl.  I like wearing skirts, giggling (not like that!), dancing, and baking.  I also like paying my own bills and knowing I can take care of myself.

And, women everywhere are like this.  I read an article about “alpha” (seriously?!) women in NYC dealing the fallout when traditional gender roles are reversed.  To quote:

“Indeed, there’s little evidence to show that as women acquire financial muscle, relations between the sexes have evolved successfully to accommodate the new balance of power. Neither the newly liberated alpha women nor their shell-shocked beta spouses seem comfortable with the role reversal.”

Note to men:  My being financially sound, educated, and OKAY does not mean I do not need you.  Moreover, this does not mean I do not want you.

But, men.  I am going to want you for who you are.  And, as it turns out, this is infinitely more complicated…

When relationships are not built on math– dependency + overlord = ‘love’ they are a challenge.  Probably because they are more honest.  They are more honest in the ‘I’m not looking to be rescued… I just want to share inspiration type of way’.  You have to bring something non-monetized to the table.  Namely:  YOURSELF.

No matter your gender, to have a good relationship:  You have to bring yourself– fully.

The crux:  Are you good with you?  Because if you are not, then how can you be an honest partner?  Love begets love.  Your self-loathing or self-destruction…  Don’t put that on somebody.

And, if you’re a boy, open a door.  Smile.  And, BE YOU!

That’s never stupid… 😛