You deserve

29 Jul

To feel content.

We all do.

So, you can imagine my heartbreak when I asked:  What do you deserve? at work the other night and got self-loathing.  Why is it that we always believe the negative?  Oh.  Right.  It’s easier to lead with the let down…

How daft.

What if we didn’t though?  What if we remembered that before the let down there was just love.  Think about it.  Even if the let down came early (and I’m sorry!) each and every one of use was born into being held.  Even if it was only a moment.  We are held before we are dropped.

And, we deserve to hold ourselves.  In loving regard.

But.  We do not.

We hedge.  We indulge the negative.

How daft.

I asked these amazing woman I eat with every week to share something they knew they deserved and their honesty overwhelmed me.  So did their defeat.

“I’ve been provoking fights…”  “I’ll tell you I deserve to feel better– but I don’t believe it.”  “I don’t deserve anything…”

What we say out-loud matters.

And, I told them so.  I told them I believed in counter-point.  I told them that they might feel that way and it might be a truth, but I told them that there is so much more.  And, I told them that they knew that too.  I told them they knew that somewhere because they were showing up.  And, they deserved to show up.  Entirely for them. 

I told them I knew they were already amazing.

And, so are you.

Don’t forget what you deserve.  You deserve the life you want.  You deserve that walk.  That smile.  That yoga class.  That love. 

You deserve YOUR love.

And, it’s already there …


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