Put on a happy face

26 Jul

For your health.

Now, I’m the type of girl with a very – let’s say ‘readable’ face.  If I’m happy then you know it.  Boo yah.  (Hands are clapping.)  Of course, this applies to everything.  And, every emotion.  This is also why I don’t play poker.  Or lie.

True story:  I dated a guy once.  And, in our lovely (ha!) decoupling process I tried a half-truth.  I shouldn’t have.  He called me right out on it.  (Good for him!)  I shouldn’t have gone into the opaque truth territory.  That never makes anything better.  Just less excusable.  (Hint:  Everyone knows better.)  But, it’s hard when you have no clue who a person is anymore…  Hard but not excusable.  Forgive me.

But, back to my point…

(Yes, I have a point today!)

Smiling happy face.  🙂

Recent studies show that optimists are less likely to have strokes and other major de-habilitaing diseases.  Turns out the happy is good for the health!

Maybe when we are positive we just like ourselves more.  Maybe you think optimism is phony- like Splenda.  Hmpf.  Still, perhaps, it’s about the result.  Like Marina used to say:  ‘Perform how you want to feel.’  (The implication was that eventually you would feel it.)  She would tell us skaters this in an effort to cultivate levity.  Although, full disclosure, I think some skaters just wanted to feel sexy ;).  Nonetheless, the joy is the point.  Optimists have been shown to have a higher correlation with happiness and a health-promoting lifestyle.

To quote:  “People who have high optimism may engage in a healthy lifestyle that minimizes health risks and increases health and well-being. Perhaps, when people have a positive outlook on life, they undertake actions more likely to produce good outcomes.”  (Source)

So today, put on that happy face with you favorite kicks!  Because really, why not?!

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