Poop to Power?!

25 Jul

Okay.  I’m sorry.  This totally has an ICK factor.  But, it’s really kinda important, amazing (?!) work.

Bill Gates wants us to have a better toilet.  A revolutionary toilet.  A toilet that won’t put all our water sanitation efforts to waste.

I trust Bill Gates.

After the ick/laugh factor, the grants the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have awarded sound amazing.  Amazing minds are working to, literally, make our waste into resource.  Energy.  Electricity.  Water.  (I know- that one takes some stomaching…)  And, it’s totally renewable!  Right? 😛

We talk a lot about how all our crap has meaning.  Is fertile.  How a lotus can grow from the sludge.  And, I know this to be true.

(You do too, every time you believe things get better…)

Still, it is brashly fitting that a great mind would take this message literally.  Waste not.

Kind of a cool way of thinking if you ask me…

That’s some powerful shit. 😛


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