Perks of Being a Woman

22 Jul

One of my typical rants is that I wish I was a dude.  I know.  I KNOW.  But, I’m too aware of the narrative in my head to not think that masculine voice would be a resounding affirmation.  Or, at least quiet.

Still, I’ve come to love my lady bits.  Also, my dad says I can change my mind any time I want because I’m a woman.  Um.  Thanks Pops?  That won’t set us back…

But, having been a female athlete, and still being a movement bunny, I always find it interesting how my sex affects my fitness.  Turns out woman is a plus!  Woot.

Recent studies have been asserting that Estrogen (the female hormone) protects against muscle and endurance losses.  This is thought to be an evolutionary function which helps protect a woman during pregnancy and other adverse conditions.  As women, we lose our strength much less rapidly than men.  

I’m not sure this makes up for gender discrimination, higher rates of depression, slower metabolisms, and that damn glass ceiling…  BUT it’s something!

Now don’t cry about it 😉 and have a strong happy day!


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