It Gets Better

11 Jul

This is an inspiring project. 

Obviously, growing up in an ice rink you learn a lot of things.  You learn edges.  You learn (naughty) Russian.  You learn that not everyone expresses love in the same way.  And, in friendship and sweat and tears and humanity, you learn it doesn’t matter.

At least I did.

I had a hard enough time coming into and loving myself.  I certainly did not need to hate or ostracize anyone along the way…

But.  I understand that that was my journey.  And, TOO many people’s reality are not safe and secure.  Not one bit.

We of course, as individuals, can be conscious that, as we live, we live in a way that creates connection and not barriers.  I deeply believe that our “nos” are often more revealing than our “yeses”.

(Do you know what your “nos” are?  How are they serving you?)

And, we can also be inspired by people who have overcome a sea of “nos”.  They made their lives into a great big YES and are sharing.

The “It Gets Better” Project is truly one of the most humane, inspiring things I’ve seen in a while.

No matter where you are at or what you believe in, it’s helpful to remember:  It gets better.


One Response to “It Gets Better”

  1. Hiroko Jewett July 26, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    Way cool, some intriguing points! I appreciate you making these thoughts available, the rest of the site is also well done. Have a wonderful.

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