Be the ‘Other’

8 Jul

Now, I kinda hate this because I think we are all connected.  And thus, in a sense all the same.  Insecure.  Foolish.  And, faking it.

But, this really works…

Have you ever noticed that you give your friends great advice?  But, then when it comes to your life well…

Yeah.  Me too.

For instance, it’s really easy to spot disrespect and unfair expectations when my friend’s boss gives her ANOTHER assignment simply because they are understaffed.  Um.  When did one person become three?  And, now you are a photographer?

Look.  We all do what we can.  And, my girl is a ROCKSTAR.  But, (at least in your head) recognize what’s fair.  And, then you can decided your limits.  Plus, it will be much easier to recognize why you feel like hell at the end of the day and not take it personally…

It’s very hard to have 3 full-time jobs and a life.  I am continually inspired.  And, a cheerleader :).

Now, I can’t do this for myself.  Because I’m not ‘the other.’   I’m too close.  Being me and all…

But, what if when those requests come I  don’t take it as me?  What if I process them like I was my talking to my friend?  If I did that I would advocate for a bit more fairness and (self)respect.

Maybe sometimes it’s okay to be the other.  And, by ‘other’ I mean friend.  Be your friend.

Pompoms not included :P.

One Response to “Be the ‘Other’”

  1. AL July 8, 2011 at 10:39 am #

    And I just bought new pompoms
    And I’ll always be your cheerleader!

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