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7 Jul

Okay.  Not really.  But this is a RAD company.  It’s called Max Burgers and they do good healthy business?  Yup.  Good healthy business!

I stumbled upon this article in the Harvard Business Review Blog and it details how the Max Burger chain in Sweden is working to be conscious of its carbon footprint whilst still being a business.  Wait.  Responsibility and Rewards?  Sounds revolutionary!  Or just right.  I can get down with that!

Moreover, to make their model more effective, Max Burgers, a fast food chain promotes healthier, non-meat, local and GMO free options.  The details:

In 2000, the company set a new strategy focused on the word “fresh.” The leaders looked closely at every ingredient and reduced fat, salt, and sugar, and eliminated genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and trans fats. The menu got healthier, with multiple side options besides fries, 10 drinks with no added sugar, and a selection of darker, healthier breads. The company now sources 100% of its beef and chicken — and 90% of all its product — locally.  (Source)

Um that sounds…  FANTASTIC!

What if we were to take this trend to our own burgers and fry joints?  What would that look like?  Healthier America?  Healthier Americans?  I’m just saying…

Sweden is Rad.  First, Ikea.  (Don’t blame the furniture cartoons!)  Now, this burger joint with healthy audacity.

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