Off the list…

6 Jul

Fireworks!  Yes.  I played with fire.  And, amazingly (especially considering my history in the kitchen) no burns!

Now, maybe like S. says I’m too old for this.  But, I DON’T CARE.  Considering how I circumvented childhood, I figure why not?  And, they are so sparkly!  It made my day to abscond w/ L. to ferret out the works and later have an impromptu forest firework party.  How American?  Or, at least, how Jamie!

When did fun have an age limit?  Oh yes.  When it got connected with ego.  Hmpf.

Still, considering the sweet success of this venture, I’m going to make a list of things to do simply for the fun of it!  It would be rad for you to do the same…

Or, at least not a bad idea…  Just saying.  😛

Jamie’s Super-Happy Fun List

Ride a Bike? (TBD :P)

Free Running / Parkour (in theory…)

Learn a Language (fluently)

Argentine Tango

Dinner Parties- My next one is FRIED:  Everything must be battered!



Body Love (Movement Yo!!!)

Books (in bed, preferably being read to 😉 )

Cartwheels- Daily

Okay.  This pure fun list is harder than I thought…  What’s on yours?!

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