The Game

5 Jul

Did you know there is a book (dressed as the Bible!) on how to be a ‘Pick Up Artist‘?  Yeah.  Gross.

Now, I was at a bookstore doing research for my own book project when I stumbled upon this gem.  Except it’s not.  What have we gotten into?

Not to be outdone, it turns out they sell this stuff to women too!  The ladies have:  “The Rules.”

Um.  Really?!  How about my rules:

1)  Be Honest.

2)  Have Some Self-Respect.

3)  Games Should Involve Pieces Not People.

When did communicating become SO DAMN HARD?!  How come (to many) air and trickery seems better than meat and sustenance?  Are we on some daft relationship diet?!!

Lose any hope at something fulfilling in just a few encounters and build your ick factor!

I’m just saying…

(Or, maybe I’m just reacting.  I do that a lot.  If you have counterpoint PLEASE share! 🙂 )

How can this stuff actually work to promote anything healthful and real?  Seriously.

Oh yeah.  We don’t seem care about connection…  We just do not want to be the foolish real one.

I bet there is a rule about that!  Hmpf.

One Response to “The Game”

  1. Sarah July 5, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    This whole post is great, but I especially love your last thought: “We just do not want to be the foolish real one.” I think that’s SO true–it’s somehow perceived to be “cool” (in a weird sort of way) to be jaded, and to resort to elaborate scripts and nonsense. I bet there are lots more people than we realize longing for honest, authentic connections out there–it’s just that nobody wants to be the first one to admit that. (By the way, your book project sounds very intriguing. . . .)

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