1 Jul

Life takes it.  And, this is not a bad thing.  In fact, it can feel quite good.  We just have to make sure work is working.

Perhaps a name change?  😛

When I was skating it seemed that there were only two options:  work or drama.  What a horrible (false) binary.  What a horrible thing to learn as a woman.  Or an enlightened person.

Seriously.  If skating wasn’t working, you picked a fight.  And, by you I don’t mean me.  (Anger scares me.  But, that’s another post…)  But, the fight came quick for many many beautiful girls.  And, a spirited Russian or two.  Skating work was peppered with drama.  And, for some teams, drama was peppered with skating.

I remember, when we saw a certain someone meaninglessly stretching at the boards we all knew something was going down…  Round One:  Paso!

Digression:  I guess then there is an implicit third in the binary: Spectating.  But, you don’t want to be a spectator in your own life.  Hmpf!

The bottom line is you gotta make work start working…

Here is a tip on how to ‘make it work’ :)!:

Get Autonomous

Having a strong sense of controlling one’s life is a more dependable predictor of positive feelings of well-being than any of the objective conditions of life we have considered,” says [researcher Angus] Campbell. (Source)

This means:  MAKE YOUR WORK MATTER TO YOU!  Invest in what you are doing.  Let the outcome have a point!  The point being:  your happiness!

Are you endorsing what you are working on?  Can you?

And.  If this seems impossible then start small.  An itty-bitty little list of goals, projects and self-care. 

Pick 3 things.

Now do them.  (You can!)  Tomorrow.  On your authority.

Make your life work.  For you.  Sans drama.

Well.  Maybe a little (Russian!) drama :P.


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