People are

28 Jun

not (just) pillows!  Or furniture.  Or baggage.  Or fuel.

So stop it.

Seriously.  STOP IT.

This thought has been occurring to me too much lately.  I so deeply want to believe in people.  Or, at least a person.  (Cue Psychology 101:  Single out an individual if you ever need assistance or want something done.)

Still, don’t get me wrong.  I’m not expecting perfection.  I’m not expecting knights or fairies.  Heroes and heroines.  I do not want that crap.  (Reality is a long way to fall.)  But, a little goodness goes a long way…

When did I become the strange one?  Seriously.

And, I know this to be true because I practice kindness and then people (yes plural!) show up at my place of employ thinking that I want to do private yoga with them.  And, not in the professional employment sense.  Now, this is kinda a rad compliment.  But, also NO…

Maybe, I’m being a bit hyperbolic.  But not entirely.  Maybe, I need to learn ‘no.’  Maybe, my energies are being exploited.  Maybe, kindness has become a foreign concept.  It certainly feels like that sometimes…

Except:  I believe that people are kind and people should be conscious of their behaviors.

Aren’t we?

Digging:  I watched my neighbor move a couch up to his apartment yesterday.  Now, he’s a cute guy.  He’s got a good vibe.  He knows this and, yet, somehow he plays the coquette.  He had this slip of a girl moving the couch into his apartment.  All I could think was:  I hope he kisses her.  Otherwise, he’s not being fair.  He’s taking a ‘cute’ liberty.

I tell him so too.

Because what girl moves a couch without wanting to snuggle on said couch?

And, this is my point.  People are potential.  You have the potential to move and operate from a well-intentioned space.  Not a ‘me’ space.  A–  ‘I see how I impact your day space…’

Maybe try it?  Try to see.

People are not just there for heavy lifting.  People are not just there to raise you up.

We carry each other.  That’s how connection works.


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