Me Matters

25 Jun

I write a lot of questions and ideas and thoughts on this blog.  About living.  Loving.  Feeling.

But, in the end, only ‘me’ matters…

Or rather, loving me matters.

That’s the crux:  You have to count.

Now, this is not a selfish:  “Daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa Nooow” crux.  It is simply a recognition that:  you’ve got to count TO you.

I look at my life and wonder:  I try to count to so many.  It’s almost compulsive; as if ‘goodness’ means I can exhale…  But me?  That does not come easy.  What would that take?

And, when?

It’s so simple.  But important.  You have to count to you.

I watch my girls at work counting EVERYTHING.  Calories, symptoms, complaints, wrongs, undoings…

What if they counted themselves?  What if they counted ON themselves?…

For me, making me matter means I go home when I’m ready.  It means I acknowledge a feeling (even a bad one) and don’t stuff it or substance it away.  It means I trust that what ever is going on is making me more powerful.  It means I trust and count on me.

Then, all the other junk can fall away.  I don’t need to give me away or armor myself in tomfoolery.  I’ve got my back instead.

Get yours.  You matter.


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