21 Jun

This one got to me.

I was at work proctoring Art Therapy.  Now, I’m no fine artist.  And, I’m no therapist.  But, I can be present.  And, I do the best I can.  The assignment was to construct ‘vision boards.’   You know- those scrap collages of things you want to manifest into your life.  It’s the other use for magazine scraps for all you non-serial killers / ransom artists out there… :P.

I guided the clients into an open, relaxed, meditative space (that I CAN do!) and then we began to free write.  The prompt:  “What do I want?”

Think about it.  (I did.)  What do you want?

And, here’s the jig.  The more I thought:  ‘What do I want?’, the more I got an answer back (from my internal chutzpah?) of ‘I am ____’  and ‘I have ___’.  Now, maybe I just had a major infection of the gratitude bug but this felt lovely.  To be really okay.  With me.  To have haves.

I am okay.

You are too.

Now, please remind me this the next time I’m complaining about boys.  Probably in 10 minutes…  Or, when I want more ‘ownership.’  (Or, when I am editing this post to publish.  Sigh…)  I do realize that ‘Wants’ and ‘Haves’ are not mutually exclusive.  But, I’m okay.

We all are.


One Response to “Vision”

  1. AL June 21, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    Once Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is met one can dreams about wants.
    Words have power. To be negative is to be part of the problem–complaining doesn’t help, it keeps you stuck. Go to the one that has the power to change things, and just in the words of Nike,” just do it”. Demonstrate to him/her by your actions that you are powerful and does make a difference.
    >>please remind me this the next time I’m complaining about boys<< Do you really want a boy? Or A REAL Man??

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