If you want to know what you REALLY care about…

20 Jun

Look Around.

How are you acting?  Yes.  Acting.

What we nourish and do grows.  Words are just theater.

So, think about it.  What do you actually do?  Not, what do you say.  What do you do?  Do you (re)act?  Do you plan?  Do you empathize?  Do you share?

Where are you on your list?

What do you do everyday?  And, how do you do it?  Are you on time?  Are you engaged with people?  What are your friendships like?  Relationships?  (Un)Healthy practices?

Now:  How does all of this relate to your VALUE-BASED happiness?

If you want to know what you really care about… LOOK AROUND.  At you.  It’s in action.

The GOOD news is, we are in charge of our action.  At least we can be!

I remember that when I wanted to return to skating I told Igor.  He didn’t believe me.  So, I started showing up.  Despite the looks.  Everyday.  With cheer.  To stroke.  Eventually, he got the point.  Action.

And, Olympics 🙂

So, if you realized that you want to break a habit or make a change, remember, you can’t just say it.  You need action.  You need to show up.

If you (or I!) want to move forward.  You just have to move.  Forward.

Have an ACTIVE day!

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