16 Jun

We often think of generosity as giving.  But.  What if, instead, we were to think of generosity as letting go?  Now, this may seem like a silly semantics and linguistic game.  It’s not.  Go with me…

Generosity as letting go means:  I can offer it to myself.  At anytime.  Without acquiring anything.  I can be generous to myself by letting go of a ‘should’.  I can laugh with (or at :P) and enjoy myself today — even with dishes in my sink!  I can let go of somebody else’s metric.  The when.  The dollar sign.  The lover.  What if generosity is no longer just an externalized offering?

I can practice generosity for and by me at any time.  That’s not just semantics.

Generosity as letting go means:  I do not have a need.  I am not proving (or filling) crazy insatiable wants and then giving off relics under the guise of ‘generosity.’  Nor, am ‘rewarding’ myself with trappings.   Nor, am I casting myself in a narrative:  ‘She was the most giving creature I’d ever encountered.

(Sidenote:  Giving yourself away is not always generous.  Sometimes, it’s just daft!)

Generous.  I am creating true space.  Kind space.  Me space.

Generosity as letting go means:  I am not over-filled, over-tense, over-wrought, or stingy.  I have room.  Or, more accurately, I have the ability to make room.  What if self-care is no longer laced with some silly reward schema?  I do not need to take things in to care.  I do not need to ‘be’ anything, to care deeply for me and my world.  I can ‘give’ myself that let go.  I can choose to release.  Let go.  Give (up).  In joy.

Generosity as letting go means:  freedom.


2 Responses to “Generosity”

  1. Becca June 16, 2011 at 10:31 am #

    Love your post and your insights!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jamie June 16, 2011 at 10:43 am #

      Cheers! Have a sweet day 🙂

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