Things to Say.

10 Jun

I have a few…

Frankly, I’m concerned.  Or, scared.  What are we doing?  And, to each other?

Let me give you some back-story…

I work with a writer.  Yes.  A REAL writer.  I help her mount things (very I Love Lucy) and she tells me fantastic stories.  And, she tells me why I do not need a man.  I need a daemon.

I smile and nod and drink more espresso.  I consider taking lovers like her.  Then, I remember.  I don’t do that.  So, we find the miter box.  Cut.

She has things to say.  Beautiful, witty, strong, lived things to say.  We saw and speak.  She challenges me:  So do I.

So do I?

So do I.

So here’s one:

What are we doing?  To in our relationship with ourselves and each other.  Seriously.  Where has all the honesty, care and compassion gone?  I do not think we help each other grow.  Strong.

Instead, here’s what we do.  We help each other avoid.  We help each other escape.  We help each other stay in that hollow, narcissistic narrative.  Just like we exploit the world, we are, ultimately, exploiting each other.  And, for what?  A ‘feel good‘ story and a latent pit of denial.

Except, we are going to have to climb out of it.

At least I hope so.

The alternative involves a shovel.  And, that is not acceptable.

And, why?  What’s our motive for our destructive relationships and insincere practices?  Or worse, unhealthy ones.  To seem cool?  Whatever that means…  Cool is just marketing.  Peacocking laced with reminders of High School Trauma.

A real friend does not always pass a beer.  Sometimes a real friend passes a mirror.  That’s cool to me.

I’ve been looking.  I’ve been watching.

Have you?

I watched an anyone enable a friend’s addiction, so that he did not have to be ‘uncool.’  Or strong.  Or real.

I’ve watched an anyone enable a friend’s illness, so that she did not have to take care of herself.  Look in.  Deal.  Grow up.

I’ve watched everyone say ‘no’ to the harder truths.  Because saying ‘yes’ means change.

I’ve watched these violations and more happen everyday…  Thievery.  Of things.  Relationships.  Compassion.  Respect.

I watch us do this to ourselves.

And, I’ve watched us let each other down in the name of pomp and fear.

Both are wrong.

Just as we are mis-using this lovely world, we are mis-using each otherTo the core.  We are using, abusing and taking.  For granted.  We are assuming there is more where that came from.  Or another.

That’s wrong.  There’s not.  And worse, as we use, we are being whittled away too.


So this is what I have to say:  Stop the destruction.  Of ourselves.  Of each other. 

We are not a limitless resource, when applied improperly.  We will only burn out.

Remember though:  we can make light.

And, what we can do we must.


One Response to “Things to Say.”

  1. Kristin Brænne June 10, 2011 at 11:34 am #

    Stay excellent!

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