Jamie’s Question Corner

8 Jun

I want to know:  How do you make decisions?

It has dawned on me recently that I suck cannot do this.  Lame.  Major lame.

(And, majorly well spoken. :P)

Sure, I can tell you what I want for lunch or what I like to do with my time.  But, if I need to make a decision that effects more than me — I’m a hapless peacemaker.  Like a government.  Not peaceful.  Not efficient.  Not concise and without major loopholes.

So I ask:  How do you make decisions?

Suggestions I’ve heard / tried:

Make a list of ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ or the different (projected) future realities…

Now, I have happily tried to do this but I am also hyper-aware that I do not in fact know what will make me happy (Click on the ‘Futile Pursuit of Happiness’ article) or believe that this is what really matters.  Also, I have trouble detaching my personal ‘pros and cons’ from the ‘pros and cons’ that my projected changes will have on my inter-personal relationships.

Make the decision in your mind and live your life for a week or so as if it is true…

I’ve tried this too.  There is nothing like crying wolf with yourself.  I call it:  INSANITY.

Do the fastest, first most now thing…

Hmpf.  It’s only your life…  As if impulsivity and lack of patience were not already a problem for my peers and me.

Do nothing and let things reveal themselves…

Translated:  Make a decision through non-decision.  Because everything is always change.  We cannot decide about that.

And, still, nothing feels right.  Maybe I’m over-thinking.  Maybe my gut needs some (questionable) nourishment… 😛

So (again) I ask:  How do YOU make a decision?

Decide to share today.

I’d love to hear from you 🙂


2 Responses to “Jamie’s Question Corner”

  1. Sarah June 8, 2011 at 4:04 pm #

    When I have to make a decision, I’m often quite aware of what my head is thinking and less aware of what my heart is feeling (I basically live in my head). So my first step is always to toss a coin. Now, I don’t actually *make the decision* based on the coin toss; but I pay special attention to how I feel when I see what lands. If I’m happy with what comes up, I figure that my head and heart must be in fairly good alignment. But if I’m NOT happy with what comes up, then I know that I have some unacknowledged emotions regarding at least one of my options. (Journaling often helps clarify those emotions for me.) I find that I make the best decisions first thing in the morning, so this is what I do when choosing time is at hand: the night before, I make sure that my bedroom is neat and tidy; I write down my quandary and put the paper under my pillow; I try to think of ANYTHING else as I’m going to sleep; and when I wake up, I see which option “feels” best (when I’m not-quite-awake, I find it much easier to quiet my hyperanalytical brain). This method has very rarely steered me wrong. 🙂

    • Jamie June 8, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

      Wow Sarah. Thanks for sharing. So much. There is something so sweet and simple about a coin toss. And, I love that you check in with your heart. I know that I need to do that. I just tend to check in with everyone’s head and hearts too. Have a lovely day!

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