From Sweet to Meat

3 Jun

Okay.  So yesterday I advocated brownies.  And, while I’ll NEVER take that back, let’s talk about some real stuff.  Nourishment.  Nutrition.  What we are taking in.

After all, it WILL become us.

Do you know why you eat as you do?  Because of health?  Because of emotion?  Because of marketing?

Just think about it for a second.  Do you eat the way you do because you always have?  How does it make you feel?  Who convinced you to do that in the first place?

Hmm…  Or.  Mmm…

It’s up to you.

I bring these questions to you in light of two things:

1)  The Government released a new Food Plate Will your hunger and nourishment choices be mandated by legislation?  Should they?

It’s EATING BY NUMBERS everybody!  And, while it is a HUGE improvement, it still looks to me like our legislative bodies are very keen on not making anyone upset.  (Does that dairy bit not suspiciously look like a glass of milk?  Hmpf.  Has anyone else read The China Study?)  Now.  I personally don’t exclude ANYTHING.  That’s not healthy for me.  But, it is interesting to see what and how things are included…  Just saying.

2)  Good ole Mark Bittman got to me again.  I’ll summarize but you can read him here.

Now Mark argues his usual:  (QUALITY) Meat and the like products as a condiment or treat.  This is how we nourished ourselves pre-industrialization.  Of course, we crave meat and high-fat delicacies.  It’s evolutionary.  Except evolution did not account for us to mess with the natural order of nature.  And, wrap it in shiny foil.  And, accessorize with Rockettes for flair.

Bittman’s words:  “Because evolution is a slow process, this revolutionary change [Read:  Industrialization of the food supply] has had zero impact on the primal urge that screams, ‘Listen, dummy, if you can find meat you’d better eat it, because who knows when you’ll eat it again!’ At some point our bodies may adapt to consuming unlimited quantities of meat or — a better alternative — our minds will crave less. Right now, primal urge and modern availability form a deadly combo.

We’re crack addicts with a steady supply. Beyond instinct and availability, there’s a third factor: marketing. When you add ‘It’s what’s for dinner’ to the equation, you have a powerful combination: biology, economics and propaganda all pushing us in the same direction.”  (Source; emphasis mine)

Whatever you believe, all I’m saying is:  There is A LOT of information out there. 

Take a moment.  Check in with YOUR information.  Tummy love. 

In There.  (Hint:  You!)

Your nourishment matters… ❤

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