Cherry Pickin’

2 Jun

From me to you!

Hey.  At least I’m honest…

Now, if you haven’t figured it out yet.  I like stalk the sweet stuff.  I’m not talking men.  I’m talking TREATS!  Still, I have a few requirements of them:

– I share –

– I know where they come from –

– I ENJOY!!! –

Still, proving my point with (cherry picked) science always feels good too!  That’s why I was DELIGHTED when I saw this article in the NY times.  Being a movement loving gal (and loving it for the sake of body glow!) it charmed me to read:  “A cluster of new studies suggests that people who regularly work out don’t need to worry unduly about consuming fructose or other sugars. In certain circumstances, they may even find the sweet stuff beneficial.”

RAD.  I guess my pre-run brownie is ‘fuel.’ :P.

Further, even nuggets of exercise affect how our bodies metabolize and process the sweet stuff!  Case and point:  “[T]hat half-hour stroll could affect how your body responds to sugar, other new science suggests. You may not need Skittles to fuel the walk, [Sigh…] but the walk will affect how your body metabolizes the candy, if you do indulge. Activity can ‘significantly reduce the health risks associated with fructose and other forms of sugar,’ said Dr. Richard J. Johnson”.

In other words, even if we do not need that honeyed fuel as we jaunt to get our morning latte, taking a jaunt and shaking moving our moneymaker protects our body from the negative risks associated with la dolce vita — the sweet life!  I’ll walk (and then nibble) to that!

Overall, it seems that exercise is the key to sweet enjoyment.  Of everything.  Giddie up!

To quote:  “'[C]urrent science suggests that exercise exerts a positive physiological influence’ on some of the same metabolic pathways that sugar harms. ‘Exercise may make you resistant to the undesirable effects of sugar,’ [Dr. Johnson said]”.

So, do something sweet for that lovely body of yours today!  And, then have a treat too :P.

La Dolce (Body Loving!) Vita

Cherry Picked! From me to you…


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