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30 Jun


About the little stuff too.

Or else I’ll run away from you.  Literally.  😛

True story:  I bring interesting men boys into my life.  Usually, not wholly on purpose.  I’m friendly.  I smile.  And, people say I’m kinda cute…

(Thanks people!)

One such person found out I liked to run.  Did I want company?  Not his such company…  BUT.  I’m not good with the ‘nos’.  (My downstairs neighbor says you say ‘yes’ to everything.  I like this.  I try this.  Except when it threatens my self-respect.  Or, when it’s daft.  I do not need to play 9 holes of bar golf…)  And, people are SO interesting.  So, I somehow got a running mate.

Now, I run often.  But not long.  And, not fast.  (At least I didn’t think I ran fast.)  Your girl is only 5’3″.  On a good day… 🙂

So, explain to me how a 6’+ male ‘runner’ can’t keep up?

Oh.  Yeah. Wait.  He’s not a runner.

And, that’s why honesty matters!

He went from ‘runner’ to ‘trotter’ to ‘I’m double your weight.’  Um really?  REALLY?!

Look.  I don’t need a running mate man.  But, if you want to get to know me, get to know me.  HONESTLY.  Lest I run away from you.  Which DID happen.  Hehe…

Here was the crux of it:  I told him- “I’m going to finish my run because this is how I take care of me.”

And I did.

I finished my run and he was waiting for me.  He asked:  ‘When are you going to take me on another four-minute run?’  I told him:  ‘I’m not.  I don’t like leaving people behind.’  Including me.

Honesty.  Matters.



29 Jun


It’s like I don’t need to blog anymore… 😛

Thanks M.!