I Need…

31 May

My Sleep!  It’s been a hard time coming lately.  But, the blame game has been fun though.  Here are a few of my favorites:

– My neighbor’s cat

– Thunder

– My fans

– The temperature

– That extra glass of wine.  (Drinking alcohol disrupts REM cycles.)

– Big Bed

– Monkeys and Laser beams

What’s a girl to do? 

Facts:  Not sleeping enough leads to fogginess in thought, increased appetite (or at least a correlation to weight gain over time), ‘the uglies’ (technical term) and increased irritability.

In other words, I’m SUPER fun right now!

But, when counting sheep feels like just counting time, what do we do?  Here’s what I like to try…

Sleep Coaxers: 

– No Technology!  (Yes- you!)  I have no technology in my bedroom and I put my phone out of reach.

– Go to the Dark Side.  Blinds down and silly eye mask on :P.  Darth Vader breath is optional.

– Warm Sweet Milk.  A hug with honey in a mug!  BUT- be sure to taper the eating a few hours before the Zzzzs…  Otherwise, you’ll be digesting and NOT sleeping.

– Dump the Mind.  Write it.  Call them.  Do what you gotta do.  Let those 25,000 thoughts quiet.

– Body Love.  Be sure you did something nice for your body.  Exercise and the like.  It helps with the relaxation… 🙂

AND, one of my favorite songs on this matter!  I could not find the song only.  I hope you like pretty med. students…

Sweet Dreams!


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