25,000 Minimum

30 May

Thoughts per day.   Most likely more.  And, if you are in my head, the topic range is slim.


So, I ask:  What is the intention or energy behind those thoughts?

What if it really does matter?

What if my thoughts and resulting actions can make me happy?  Positive.  Connect.  Me.

  I deserve this.

(HINT:  We all do.)

I was offering this while teaching a yoga class the other day.  The formalized ‘lesson’– Every moment is a teacher.  You are your teacher.  Let yourself learn.

I thought about the teachers I have had in my life.  As my life.  I’ve had tremendous coaches.  I told the class about Igor, my USSR mastermind.  I said he was exactly what they thought.  They laughed.

But, what did I learn?

And, that’s the crux of it.

Coaches, work, school, life– these are all places to develop skills.  Yes.  Things are taught.  But, what / how do you receive these things.  That’s information.  The knowledge comes when we digest the skills and let them affect us.

Translation:  We are not helpless ninnies becoming instruction manuals. 

We have choices.  We choose how we receive and process our world.

So, how do you process it?  Those thoughts…

25,000 + times…

Do it for you.  Positively.

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