26 May


I (along with most of female and some male America) LOVE her.  And, since my friends reminded me she’s leaving her show (my TV currently has posters stuck in it — true story!), I decided it was time I give her a post!

What I know about Oprah for sure…

– She’s smart.  Maybe because she reads awesome books?!

– She’s been open with America with about a woman’s underbelly called:  dieting.  How brave.  And, yet, how heartbreaking.  Even our heroes are human.  So what is this saying about the problem?  (HINT:  It’s not the food…)

– She’s open.  At least open enough to look for humanity.  Anywhere.  Everywhere.  We can all learn from this.

– She’s OPRAH.  I think that just about covers what I missed ;).

And, for us mere mortals who can not just be Oprah.  Here’s a ‘quiz‘ from her websiteInstructions to help us be our best us!  Even better I say…

Although, it would be AMAZING to be like Oprah 😛

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