I <3 Yoga

25 May

I do.

Moreover, I LOVE sharing it.  I’ve had some pretty RAD opportunities to do so lately.  Rad opportunities with the Ithaca LCAT swimmers and LACS (an Ithaca school) ladies mind-body-spirit retreat.

NOW, here is the BEST part.  All of the yoga was with students between the ages of 11-17!

Check us LACS ladies out!:

What cool, bright ladies!  Bright enough to request yoga… 😛

When I share yoga, I like to share the concepts as stories.

With my swimmers, we started our journey on our yoga ‘raft.’  We went with the flow and kept on lighting our load, so that our journey could happen with more levity and joy.  You don’t need that heavy judgment.  You don’t need that tight joint.  Finally, we got to a place where the swimmers could just ‘float.’  (We were in lovely restorative poses.)  I challenged them:  Could they let go of the raft?  After all, I knew they could swim… 😛

With the girls, we checked out our puppy dog minds.  We wondered if our breath could get stronger than their barks?  We wondered about the best way to train a puppy?  Should we bark back?  Or, could we be kind and see our puppy-mind as fresh and playful?  Who was leading who?  Oh.  Yes.  I can train a puppy!

The best part:


The girls even did a ‘favorite things’ wrap up.  (And, sang to me!  My life is SO cool sometimes 🙂 )  Here’s my favorite ‘favorite thing’ that one of inspiring ladies shared:

“When we started I had this little puppy in my mind.  Now it feels like there is just an old dog.  I’m pretty peaceful.”

Yoga is RAD.

One Response to “I <3 Yoga”

  1. Errol Ziernicki June 4, 2011 at 8:47 pm #

    Every human makes mistake, but only wise one learn from their mistakes

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