Four Burners

17 May

Now, I love me my cooking.  So, a life analogy on a STOVE-TOP!–  You know I can get down with that.

Here goes:  What if we think of the major things in our lives as pots on our stove.  Health, Relationships, Career, and Family.  (If you have a big stove you might even add Spirit, and Home.  Or, whatever calls to YOU 🙂 )

Now, have you ever tried to cook for a big dinner?  With all those pots?!  It’s DAMN hard.  It takes dexterity.  It takes consciousness.  It takes support.  (Even thought we resist…)  And, if you are me, it takes oven mitts :P!

(Seriously.  You should see my arms.  I’ve gotten mitts as beloved gifts…)

At the stove-top, invariably, you find yourself trading burners.  Some things need attention at different times.  A risotto is a meditative delight but you may burn your chicken burgers, while your rice gets delightfully lovely.  Just saying…

(Note to self:  Don’t blog around dinnertime…)

Now, let’s look at the metaphor.  What are you qualities / values cooking on your stove-top called life?  What is about to boil over?  What have you not paid attention to in a while?  And, when life turns up the heat (which it will baby), what is too full and in a precarious state of affairs?

Chances are one of those precious dishes is probably in danger of boiling to nothing or spitting over the top.

What’s a host(ess) to do?!!

Some people take a dish out of the equation.

(I do not want to go to that dinner…)

Some people scald their food and pots and then plan to get new ones.

(I do not want to go to that dinner…)

Some people taste as they go.  Consciously.  Adjusting.  (Putting the gloves on.)  Willing to take a little heat.

Because it matters to them.

Some people try to have it all cooking.  Even when it doesn’t turn out gourmet.

(Take out anyone?)

In the end, it’s not about the best dish.  

It’s about the offering and having everyone at the table …

I want to go to that dinner.


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