16 May

If you are like me, you hate them.  I’m the girl that samples ALL the ice cream.  I’m the girl that says: ‘yes’ err… ‘maybe’ err… ‘no’ err.. ‘yes’ err… ‘what would you do?’

I wasn’t always like this.

Enter regret?

Except I think regret is based on knowing for sure.  And, WHEN does that happen?

Yes.  I could have responded differently as a teenager.  That might have changed my skating trajectory.

But, that would change the way I think.  And act.  And behave.  And be Jamie…

And, then I wouldn’t be me 😦

Not at all.

So regret?  Hmm…  Do I regret that I do not have someone holding my hand while I fly and make faces sur la glace?  I don’t think that’s the word for it.  Miss maybe…

Love definitely.

I know I have a heart there.  (I can keep it on ice 😉 ) But, I have my heart everywhere.  It’s how I behave in the world.  Or try to.

I can always make a ❤ full choice about that.

And, the external stuff.  I can adapt.  I always do.  That’s me.  Being Jamie.

“We imagine that we can change the world and then be happy.  But it is not by moving the rocks that we find happiness and awakening, but by transforming our relationship to them.” 
-Jack Kornfield

This article (< — Clicky!) is quite good too.

No regrets.  Just love.

Make the kind choice.

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