The adventures of Jamie…

12 May

Sometimes, the world makes me cry and laugh and go:  You NEED to write that stuff down!  Let’s take a look at what’s been poking.  And, this is just within the past few days…

(I’m glad I got my funny :P)

Got an ovation from a room a sweaty frat brothers.

Wahoo!  They fell for yoga.  They told me they fell for me <3.  (I think that was the yoga too.)  Most of all though, I think they fell (at least a bit) for caring for themselves.  See you on the flip side boys!

– Went silent. 

Well not really.  But I did / am taking ‘just me’ time.  A little meditation on Jamie.  Who is that again :P?  Wicked hard.  It’s been a while…  This might be the biggest poke of all. 

– Went to an undergrad ?! formal dance. 

Whoops.  But, I was glad to support a friend.  And, to realize that I am happily older than that.  (Wah?  Jamie is grown?  Even when there is dancing?!)  So, was he.

– Filed my first police report. 

I guess I can check that off the list?!?  Kudos to our boys men in blue.  Major kudos.  I’m still not sure I believe my officer’s:  “some people are bad stance.”  (We debated.  He laughed.  He probably thought I was naive.  I like me naive.)  Somehow though, the Ithaca PD (and L. and D. and A. – lovelovelove) made my experience strong and clear and okay.  What amazing people I have in my lifeThat stance I know for sure.

– Went to an AWESOME comedy show. 

Laughter.  It matters.  As do smiles.  Perform how you want to feel.  And you will.  My Russians are right about SO much!

– Got cryptic emails from my boss(es). 

Enter rumination.  I FLY ON A DIME.  Girl needs to get that stuff under control.  For serious.  It’s all up to me.  Always.  (And, I’ll watch it mean nothing…  Because, really what does?)

– Got an email from a (once angry) person who thought “I have no hope.”  Now he thinks otherwise.  

Now, if you know anything about me, you know I am (perhaps overly) attached to hope.  He must have figured that out.  They always do…

– Am about to teach a yoGAGA class at a yogurt shop. 

Yes.  Somehow this makes sense.  And- I know!  How FABULOUS :P.  I love how my life is light sometimes, and just full of pure fun and empowerment.  Full of GAGA.  I guess I’ll just be me?!!  While I teach yoga on the literal bar…  How RAD.

So what do all these random incidents mean?

(The author I work for says it’s “material.”)

I say:  It’s a life lived.  For real.

Reality:  I know I’ll mess up.  I’ll try my best to do better.  To smile.  To own my human-ness.  To apologize (to myself).  To stand up for myself.  To forgive.  To (be in) wonder.  To feel.

To share.

And, now I’ll do a cartwheel 🙂

Join me…


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