We are all HAPPIER when…

10 May

Our lives reflect our values.

This is a true statement.  There is research out there which supports this.  People are more fulfilled when they find ‘value-based‘ happiness instead of mere ‘feel-good‘ happiness.  Accordingly:  “Value-based happiness is a sense that our lives have meaning and fulfill some larger purpose. It represents a spiritual source of satisfaction, stemming from our deeper purpose and values. …  Since this form of happiness is not ruled by the law of diminishing returns, there is no limit to how meaningful our lives can be.” (Source ; emphasis mine.)

Following, I would hazard a guess that if we lived by our best values then we’d be caring for ourselves, our world, and each other.

Sounds good to me 🙂

But, do we know WHAT do we really value?

Career?  Relationships?  Home?  Stability?  Kindness?  Health?  Love? Chocolate… 😛

Now, I hate lists.  I find them analytical and daft.  (And, I always forget something.  An important something.)  But maybe this is a time to take stock.  How about a value blob?


Does that blob look like your day – to – day life?  For real?

Yeah.  Sigh…

Feel good‘ happiness is easy.  Sometimes TOO easy.

Value you.

Because:  “Values, not pleasure, are what bring true happiness, and everybody has the potential to live in accordance with their values.” (Emphasis mine)

So, maybe let your worth not your want guide your way.

Happiness val-YOU 😛


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