YOU are a Spring Flower!

7 May

I wanted to share a piece I wrote for Mighty Yoga‘s Newsletter.  If you follow this blog, it may sound a bit familiar :p…

Happy Spring!

And, PS – If you are free (in Ithaca!) THIS AFTERNOON you can come to BEyoga with me @ Mighty Yoga from 2-3 PM.

ALL donations go towards eating disorder treatment.

Let Yourself Bloom

Benjamin Franklin said, “The things that hurt instruct.”  He wasn’t afraid to play with lightning.  Energy.  Mr. Franklin knew that lightning was a catalyst to something bigger.  The same occurs in life.  Getting struck.  It can BLOOM you wide open, uncovering potential to learn and grow if we let it.  Let it.

On our mats, we tackle some measure of hurt.  Lightning.  Perhaps it’s the good pain of building physical strength and endurance through our yoga flow.  Or perhaps, it’s the more subtle pain in recognizing our petulant ego when our body and breath is urging us to stop.  Sometimes we fight, resist and negotiate around our pain.  But what if we were to stop running and try to be with it?  Relax with it.  Whether we stay by holding a Goddess squat one breath longer or we stay by admitting we need to rest, we can blossom in life.  Flower open.

My lightning came when a yoga teacher told me, “You can come to class, but when I put you in Child’s pose, that’s your practice.”  That hurt my type-A self, my ego and attachment to exercise.  Now I realize what great guidance it was for me.  It was a chance to be with me, which I was avoiding at the time.  It was my chance to flower.

With any flower, this change takes time to root and grow.  So when we’re in a reluctant Child’s pose or shaking in Goddess, our progress may not emerge immediately.  Don’t fret!  The seeds are there.  You already showed up.  You can ALWAYS blossom.  Stay open.  Nurture the opportunity.  Rather than deny it, use the hurt to learn.  Think of it like compost.  All your scraps of information: discards, dregs, and (mis)wants are FERTILE; they can be earth for your most beautiful flowers.  Stay in the moment-planted and grounded.  Stay with you.  Then the glorious day arrives.  It strikes you.  A new perspective.  A new pose.  A new life.  In FULL bloom.  Happy Spring!– Jamie Silverstein

This Saturday, May 7, Jamie teaches Body Empowerment Yoga, a donation class to benefit The Nutrition Clinic / Sol Stone Center.

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