A (pre)planned life

5 May

Does not work.  And, Is a bad idea.  Impossible.  Life happens.

Let me explain…

I am now MOST CERTAIN that life in fact does not follow plans.  (I’m living in Ithaca — remember?!).  Maybe it is that life has a sense of humor.  Maybe life is just petulant and daft.  Maybe life knows better.

I’ll reflect:  I think my (?) initial life plans went something like this:  Justin, Olympics, Ice Theater, Marriage, Happily Ever After…

(I don’t actually remember the order.)

Still, life was simple.  Prescribed.  Possible.  Light.

Work hard.  (Real hard.)  Do well.  (Real well.)  Smile.  (Real smile?)  Nod.  Make people happy…

(Are you happy?)

Now, let’s see what happened.  The cliff notes:  Justin, ED, Yoga, Cornell, futile happiness, Ryan, Olympics, Cornell, Mark, Brad, Catharsis, CT, Ithaca, Mark, T., Heartbreak…  ?

And, I said life was NOT LABELS 😉

I guess my point is this.  (What is my point?)  Life will change.  Life will kick you in the gut.  Some of the kicks may be self-inflicted.  Some are just energy.  Or, instruction.  A Russian mule.

Still, if we are too planned, too attached, too sure of ‘life’ those kicks WILL FEEL LIKE HELL.  (“But, my narrative says the world should be _____ “<— insert your gripe of choice)  They’ll have to.  Because we are rooted in a place life may not intend us to be.

The reality is:  Sometimes, we have no choice about the OUT THERE.

(And, this is a beautiful kick too.)


We do have a choice with how we (re)act to life.  How we engage.  How we show up.

Start now.

Grow up.  Lose the (mis)belief.  You may not be living that plan.  But was it yours?  How about just living?  Trying?  Trying again?  Being.


I dare you. 

Or, life will.  🙂

2 Responses to “A (pre)planned life”

  1. AL May 10, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    >>Still, if we are too planned, too attached, too sure of ‘life’ those kicks WILL FEEL LIKE HELL.>> It does hurt. But you are alive and feel, not numbed out by drugs, alcohol, depression, etc. And don’t sleep walk through life…I have done that,too.

    >>Work hard. (Real hard.) Do well. (Real well.) Smile. (Real smile?) Nod. Make people happy…<>We do have a choice with how we (re)act to life. How we engage. How we show up.<< You are so wise, knowing you have only a modicum of control. All you can do is make the very best decision. Beating yourself up doesn't help yourself.

    • Jamie May 10, 2011 at 9:50 am #

      Thanks dad 🙂

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