3 May

No longer.

Yup.  It’s possible.  And, they are teaching yoga in some of our country’s prisons with just that intention.

And, we can ALL learn from this.

Because, there are many different types of prisons.  Some are physical.  Some are situational.  Some are our habits.  Some are our redundant thoughts.

Most are of our own making.

It’s breaking free that’s the hard part.  We don’t have to stay…

(Where is Kiefer Sutherland when you need him? :P)

So, check in:  Where are you locked up?  What have you resigned yourself to do?  Believe is true?  Embitter and shut down around?

I beg you.  Don’t through away the key.  Don’t harden.

Stubbornness is a prison too.

Instead, consider this passage.  It is from a journalist, Diane Anderson, who went inside the Deuel Vocational Institution to take a yoga class with the inmates.  Her reflections after the experience:

I’m also considering what freedom really means.  It’s not uncommon for people everywhere to talk about feeling trapped — shackled to work, restrained by daily responsibilities or difficult relationships, caged by aspects of life they can’t control.  I’m free, relatively speaking.  But we are all imprisoned in our own way.  Freedom, regardless of where we stand relative to prison walls, is a state of mind we can choose.

And this is why yoga is so valuable to everyone — those imprisoned by bars, and those of us imprisoned by our own thoughts.  The practice I just witnessed [in prison] showed me, once again, how yoga penetrates our ideas about who we are, about the limitations imposed on us and those we impose on ourselves.  It can connect us with a sense of peace and well-being that has no relationship to our circumstances.  For all of us, yoga is a key to freedom.”  (Source; emphasis mine)

Set yourself free.

Yup.  It’s possible… 🙂

One Response to “Imprisoned…”

  1. danielle May 3, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    So good!! And I’ll teach the yoga (jamie-style) to the girls in Uganda!! Thanks for spreading the love 🙂

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