Gift from the…

29 Apr


Okay.  So, if you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a bit of a Slavophile.  (Being weaned by two Russians and falling in love with another one will do that to you…)

Little did I know though that I would have such a soft spot for the GREEKS!  Now, I do love their yogurt (–obsession may be a better term), but it is their words that woo me every time.  I already told you about catharsis; this was is HUGE for me, in my life.  And, today:


Or phonetically (and in english ;)):  tra-ge-la-fee-kos

Now, what this word refers to is when something is both tragic and funny in the same moment.

Welcome to my life

What?–  You are still thinking of him?!  Huh?– You thought you could get an apology from someone who does not even respect you.  Snap?– You’d pick chocolate, worn-in routine, and bad (although hilarious!) dates over someone who really loves you.  Heartbreaking.–  She brought that for dinner…


Except it’s not funny anymore.

Good thing I’ve got Catharsis 🙂.

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