“What’s my Sentence?”

25 Apr

Dan Pink is a VERY smart man.  I’m reading his new book “DriveThe Surprising Truth About What Motivates Usand it is delightful!  Turns out we can’t all be bought.

And, here’s the best part… 

We don’t even want to be!

Check it out:

(But be warned… It’s long :P)

What I like about Mr. Pink’s advice (and I’m not through w/ his book yet, so I’m sure there is more to come!) is how he asserts that we are best motivated by:  Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

AutonomyWe want to run our own lives; we enjoy accountable self direction 

Mastery We want to get better at things we do which matter to us; we love the pursuit of skills when achieve growth

PurposeWe want to make a contribution; we want to transcend ourselves with what we do

It’s so great to notice how NONE of these drives are related to money or power.  Mr. Pink notices that once our fiscal needs are met, we are still looking for drive.  We want more.  Happiness.  Flow.  Our best (working)world.

Following, there are TWO questions we should ask.  One is MACRO (and I think it’s more self-reflective after a well lived life…).  The other is a daily check in.  First, to check in:

1) Was I a little better today than before?

For me, this means: Did I notice myself and STOP the narrative?  Did I open up?  Was I actually listening?  Did I make someone smile?

And, to reflect:

2)  What is my sentence?

This one is trickier.  Perhaps, it’s an ethical, lifestyle goal.  ‘I am someone who tries to make people feel better understood and accepted by knowing her.’  Or, perhaps I am still too inchoate to answer this.  That’s okay too.  I know I am NOT my job, or accomplishments, or failures, or misunderstandings.  That’s good for now …

And, PS, neither are you 😉 

Hopefully, after a life well lived, we can all answer this question contentedly.

But for now, start today!

Be a little better.

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