Hi! I’m Jamie and…

24 Apr

Today I’m going to make you ENTIRELY responsible for my emotional tenor.  Really.  Whatever you do– my mood is in your hands!

Sounds ridiculous right?

Then, why do I feel like it is happening…

As a joke, I walked into the rink this week and said this to my 17-year old student.  I don’t think he thought it was funny.  (Is it actually funny?)  But he did skate fast :P…

He was outdone though.  Outdone by a (lovely) woman having a really bad day.

Now, let me preface this story with a bit about my teaching.  I’m gregarious.  I’m bold.  I flail.  I dance.  I do what it takes to get you out of your head.  I make the changes… 🙂  Usually, LOUDLY.  What can I say, I’m little…  Big voice?

Sadly, Ms. Bad Day decided that my teaching was what would throw her over the edge.  And, commented as such.  (There may have even been feigned tears and a finger wag.  All before stepping on the ice…)  Um.  That’s a lot of mis-placed responsibility lady.  And, I’m not teaching you.  And, my student responds well to how I teach.  But please– let me be the reason your moment, day, week, child, life is not working out!!!

Do you see what I’m getting at?

Now, I could have pointed this out to Ms. Bad Day.  But I didn’t.  There would have been no reason to.  Not then.  Not ever really.  Not if she is not open.  And, this does not make me spineless.  I hope this makes me a bit more compassionate.

(Or, at least not an ass ;).)

I taught quietly that session.  (Well, as quietly as I could.) And, I hoped Ms. Bad Day had a better afternoon.  I still do.

Like I said, she’s a sweet lady.

An article I read summed this instance up nicely.  To quote:  “[T]he[re is a] humbling yet also wonderful truth: most of the time, we are bit players in other people’s dramas.”  My read:  It’s NEVER about us.  Even when it is…

Hello my name is Jamie and…

Today, I’ve got me.

Take care of you 🙂


2 Responses to “Hi! I’m Jamie and…”

  1. Sarah April 24, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    Hi! I’m Sarah and. . . I just wanted to tell you what a fabulous blog this is! I learn things and smile and chuckle and have my heart warmed all at the same time, and how cool is that? Thanks for sharing your experiences and ideas with your readers!

    • Jamie April 24, 2011 at 7:00 pm #

      Wow Sarah! What a kind thing to say. Thank you for sending me a smile. Have a beautiful day!

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