22 Apr

I’ve started it!  Random Acts of FUN-NESS! 

And, YOU can join in too!

Our first act was full of tomfoolery!  It’s not a parking ticket silly!– It’s an affirmation of YOU.

If you live in Ithaca and your car, grocery shopping experience (I think this was my favorite part!), or downtown view was a little sweeter this week then be happy!  You’ve been R.A.F.ed 🙂 

(And, if you want to have a R.A.F. or somehow got R.A.F.ed AND found this blog I ❤ SYCHRONICITY!!!–  A) DON’T give me up! and b) TELL me about it :P)

Behold some examples of the R.A.F. ‘tickets’ of positivity: (And, MAJOR props for the RAD art go to C.!)

Through a simple R.A.F, the hope is that you had a 🙂 and (re)started your day better.  Then, maybe you even shared that simple positive moment.

Positive energy will only grow.

And, speaking of POSITIVE ENERGIES– It looks like someone wanted to join in on our R.A.F.ing!

(Does anyone know anything about ghosts in images?

If this (minus the ghost 😉 ) at all makes sense to you and you find yourself inspired to R.A.F.— please!!!  DO IT.  We are all connected.

Make someone’s day brighter too :P.

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