“Those things that hurt…

19 Apr


Thank you Benjamin Franklin.  Looks like he knew about more than lightning.  Or, maybe that was exactly what he knew.  Getting struck.  It can BLOOM you wide open.

Let it. 

Seriously.  Let it.

I sat in the lobby of my work the other day thinking about just this.  I was talking with a client about “doing the work.”  Embittered and honest, she was being so brave.  She couldn’t find improvement beyond tears and ‘problems;’ latent realities were her everyday.  If she only knew– she was blooming wide alive.

Too often progress does not present like the flower it is; the blossoms are seldom seen to the world.  And yet, they are there.  If we are really lucky, someone sees us growing, either by our side or from a far…

Don’t fret.  You are ALWAYS blossoming.  (Just nurture it!  Even shit is fertile :P.  And tears, NOTHING can grow without water baby!)  Then eventually, the glorious day arrives when you begin to see La Vie en Rose.  And, you get to own it.  That’s  your progress realized.  In FULL bloom.

I listened to and smiled at our client that day.  I smiled, not out of masochism, but because she was taking a play from Mr. Franklin.  She was composting her life into growth.  Strong roots she has.  (Judge me by my size do you? ;))

When she entered art therapy, I couldn’t help but pause and take a moment to tend to my own mental garden.

Take a moment.  Tend to yours today.

Here’s how my experience went.  In sloppy disjointed verse:

Mind garden is

(Chock-full of fertile shit.)

Wept more this year than I have in a long while.  And, I’m still okay.

I am so happy to grow.

Too long, just movement.  LOVE to move.  Flow.  Flit.  Touch.

(I crave contact.)

But now, I’ve stopped.  (Was stopped.)  For a moment.

Scary.  Scary to see my mind.  Garden growing.  Still fleeing, dancing, narrating, ‘what if-ing’…

Horrifying to be precise.

Now I realize.  There is movement in stillness too. 

(Does stillness actually exist orchid?) 

Things to address.  Weak spots. 


To deal.  Weather.  Determine whether I am not that:  free, or nice, or accountable, or healthy.  Or healed.

Two cans:  Watch and Water.

I can.  I do not have to run from me anymore.

Planted. By (self?!) love this time, I can still go with the flow.

Let go.

BLOOM <—<3


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