How not to…

18 Apr

Pick up women.

Tips for you fellas out there.  These things DON’T work.  At least not on me…

1)  Yelling:  “Hey Sexy!” at someone from your car / sidewalk / window / etc. –Wait.  Let me just turn around and lay one on you.  (What guy has this worked for?!)  But, DO have a nice day! 🙂

2)  Stalking.  Is creepy.  Although, I have a problem with saying “no.”  Good thing I know the yoga!

3)  Telling me you can ‘read‘ a part of my body.  Like with my hands:  No matter what you tell me about them, I will continue to “think too much.”  And, I will probably think you have recycled moves.  Although, body language is intriguing…  (I think I sense a future post!)

4)  Asking me to marry you.  For citizenship.  Great foundation for a relationship.

5)  Leading with your job, accomplishments, EGO, notoriety.  Let ME discover you.  Let me affirm you.  If I like you, I will.

6)  Being bitter.  You are not coffee.  At least not my coffee.

7)  Getting up in my business while I get my Gaga on.  If I want to dance with you, you WILL know.  Otherwise, I’m in a body lovin’ space.  Don’t make it weird.  Or smelly…

8)  Feigning interest.  If I tell you something.  Remember.  We know guys fake it too…

9)  Lying.  I’m never that stupid.  In fact, NONE of us are.

10)  Doing nothing.  Take a chance.  On us.  And, on you.  If you do with me, you’ll at least get a wink and a smile :P!

This British comedy is instructive too.  And, offensive.  Be warned.  But GIGGLE!

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