Pathetic Fallacy

14 Apr

It is pathetic how long it took me to remember what this term was.  Welcome back to middle school!  Pathetic Fallacy: Weather imitating mood; inanimate objects with human emotions.  Trite literary device.  Or, Ithaca…

Not for me.


Rainy Ithaca!  I scoff at you.  I MGMT at you!  AND, I choose to not bring an umbrella with me.  (Mainly because I lose them.  And, my mother.  I digress…)

I will NOT be pathetic!  I do not need an inanimate object to project my emotions on to.  Nor, do I need a storm cloud.  I have a voice.  And, a body!



The weather may be affecting me…

Am I pathetic?

Fallacy! 🙂


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