8 Apr

Are amazing.  (Clicky!)

And, I definitely do not have enough.  I mean have you seen all the on this blog?! 😛

So, you can imagine my delight when I learned this new one!


Now, I CANNOT pronounce it.  Not one bit!  It is funny to hear me try.  (At least L. and V. thought so.  But, I’m also pretty easy to laugh at / with / at!)

Now, if you can teach me how to pronounce this word properly I will send you some homemade baked goods.  For real.

Beyond tongue gymnastics though, this word has a meaning!  And, what is it? –Glad you asked!

Per wikipedia:  “Mamihlapinatapai (sometimes spelled mamihlapinatapei) is a word from the Yaghan language of Tierra del Fuego, listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘most succinct word’ [Oh irony! I ❤ thee!], and is considered one of the hardest words to translate. It refers to ‘a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other would initiate something that they both desire but which neither wants to begin.'”

In other words (HA!), this word encapsulates that stirring shared moment when two people connect on the same underlying desire to change a situation, yet both share a limited / lack of courage to initiate that change.

Say what you need to say (John Mayer :P)!

Or, lean in

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