6 Apr

Is one saucy minx.

Or two:  Omission and Commission.

It is also the stuff of life.  And, greeting cards.  So, let’s dig in then.  Is (mis)remembering a problem?

When commission occurs: “some form of memory is present, but it is either incorrect or unwanted” (Source).  Commission can come in the form of:  misattribution (false memories or falsely sourced memories), suggestibility, bias and persistence.  It’s the commission buffet!  Of mind-memory Yahtzee :P.  Except, it may matter.  (No offense dice fans.)  Hmmm…

Digging–  let’s take persistence as an example:  Have you ever replayed something again and again.  And again.  Something you did not want to.  (If you are not nodding ‘YES!’– please email me.  I’m FASCINATED.)  Say hello to commission.  I personally experience persistence with my harrowing ‘lifetime’ moments:  the ballet class, the begging, my mother’s voice that day, the sound of dirt.

Persistence: I bet you wish you could remember to forget?

Or, if you are like me, maybe not.

It’s like G. says:  “Shit to flowers.” <—<3  Fertile ground.

And, with the other minx omission, “we fail to bring to mind a desired fact, event or idea” (Source).  Omission comes dressed as transience, absentmindedness and blocking.  Or:  Huh?  Whoops?  Um?  These are the where is / are my:  keys, wallet, glasses, letter, monkey… moments.  Sometimes we lose things. Sometimes we lose faces.  Sometimes we lose people.  It always feels like we are losing our minds.

Hint:  we never effectively had them.


Simply then, we must acknowledge that memory is fluid.  And, although looking at memory like this can kinda stink (given all the false, forgetful, invention, barricading, rumination bits)–do not fret!

You won’t remember.


Or will you? 😉

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