4 Apr

I feel kind of weird sharing this.  But, for the record.  It was out there.  TONS of stuff by this person is out there.

And, it is raining in Ithaca :(.  I know THIS will definitely make you have an uplifting reaction.

Although, I’m not entirely sure why…

Enough disclaimer.  Just watch!

Here’s to owning you!  Love it.


One Response to “Sorry?”

  1. danielle April 4, 2011 at 4:42 pm #

    okay. best video ever. i want to hug this kid. he is adorable.
    although i am still trying to figure out if he is 40 or 14…?
    i think the best part is near the end when the music stops and Katy Perry goes “YOUUUUUUU” and his face is ridiculous.
    this song will never be the same for me. i now understand your obsession.

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