Go to the mountains…

29 Mar

Or, the sea.


Go anywhere.  Because you are already home.

We just need to wake up and breath into it.  Breath into us.

I was deeply inspired when a fellow yoga teacher reminded me of this truth in the meditation portion of Mighty Yoga’s Yoga Jam for Japan this weekend.

People often travel up mountains to gain perspective.  As they ascend upwards, they leave trappings behind and notice things becoming clearer.  You cannot carry a heavy load up a mountain.  Still, as you journey, you realize you do not need to.

You’ve got you.

Then, you reach the summit.  You are confronted with a new vision.  Perspective.  You experience a fresh way of looking at the same thing.

Even New York City looks calm, bejeweled, and magical from a mountaintop.  The dank, tunnel-visioned, competitive race goes away…

What if we could go up a mountain and view ourselves?  Would you then see that we are all beautiful and chock-full of this magic we call ‘alive’?

What if we could access that mountain view from within?  What if we could set up a camp there.  And, always be able to return.  Have a rest.  Taste the fresh air.

This is coming home.

This is the moment.

Load lightened.


Mountain Ballad

A monk who climbed Mt. Fuji said
this life is effortless,
and when I met him at the top
I nodded, out of breath.     – Christopher Dale Hendrickson

And, from the inspiring Thich Nhat Hanh, another way of seeing:

“Did you know you had a true home? This question touches everybody. Even if you have the feeling that you don’t belong to any land, to any country, to any geographical spot, to any cultural heritage, or to any particular ethnic group, you have a true home.

It is fundamental that you touch your true home and realize your true home in the here and the now. All of us have the seed of mindfulness and concentration in us. By taking a mindful breath or making a mindful step, you can bring your mind back to your body. In your daily life, your body and mind often go in two different directions. You are in a state of distraction; mind in one place, body in another. Your body is putting on a coat but your mind is preoccupied, caught in the past or the future. But between your mind and your body there is something: your breath. And as soon as you go home to your breath and you breathe with awareness, your body and mind come together, very quickly. While breathing in, you don’t think of anything; you just focus your attention on your in-breath. You focus, you invest one hundred percent of yourself in your in-breath. You become your in-breath. There is a concentration on your in-breath that will make body and mind come together in just one moment. And suddenly you find yourself fully present, fully alive. There is no more longing to return to the womb, to your perfect paradise. You are already there, already home.”

And, the light is already on.  It is called:



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