Sometimes the world…

24 Mar

Makes me SMILE!

No, this is not my Costco pickle rant.  (Pause.  Have you seen the quantity of pickles they sell there!  The jars are BIGGER THAN MY HEAD.  WAY BIGGER.  Some things in this world are just funny.  At least, they can be viewed that way.  Let them be…)  No, today it’s the ‘smart’phones that I’m finding pretty hilarious!

Backstory:  I’m making a another round of care packages and I ❤ my friends treats.  (Baking menu and recipes to follow in another post…)  I was text messaging a grocery list to my cooking plus one (Hidden Rule of Baking:  Nobody should like a spoon alone!) and I laughed.  Out LOUD :P.

True Story:  My phone thinks that Nutella is nitrous.  (iPhone autocorrect hilarious failure!)  As in nitrous oxide.  I guess they are both sweet and have a euphoric effect?…

This caused me to wonder what else my phone (or yours) thinks…

Check it:

(Source – There are a bunch more!)

I just like the gentle, electronic reminder to see humor.  Everywhere.


Things might never seem clear.  But they can definitely be funny!

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