Our Minds and Our Mothers

18 Mar

“Don’t always tell the truth.”

Actually, the full quote is this:  “[r]emember that our minds—and our mothers—don’t always tell us the truth.  Acknowledge their concerns.  Listen to your intuition, but don’t expect to feel 100 percent certain.  ‘If we wait until all negative emotions disappear, we’re never going to go anywhere.'”

I love you Mom.  But, this article was good to read.  Since, we just celebrated the luck of the Irish (is your liver okay?), I figured I should post something about taking chances and finding serendipity. 

So, happy (Belated) St. Patrick’s Day! Let’s talk about LUCK.  😛

How about making some of your own?  According to some research, we can!  Now scientists do not formally study luck, but they do study people who are considered ‘lucky.’  They track trends and characteristics of these shamrock-studded folks.  I’m sending writing along some of the easy to assimilate, luck-drawing tips.  It’s a blog pot-of-gold :P!:

1)  Start by saying “YES.”  To something.  Someone.  Today.  Say “yes” when you would normally say no.  Or, just order something different at lunch.  (But, if spicy foods do not agree with your tummy, please don’t try your luck out there– this is NOT magic!!!).  REPEAT.  REPEAT.  REPEAT.  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

2) Walk a different way.  Park somewhere different.  Keep varying the routine until there is not one.  Now you are a free-spirit!  Wahoo….

3) Smile more.  (I know!)  Happier people notice more.  Our minds and worry do bog us down and give us tunnel vision.  Also, there is that pesky law of attraction:  Like attracts like.

Now try it out!

How’s that newness?  Did you see something different?  Find out something about how friendly you are?  Have a new experience?  Meet someone?


Get out of your way and get your luck on.  “Serendipitous people are more fearless about trying something new. Instead of giving in to worry about what could go wrong, they think, ‘Isn’t that interesting? I’d like to give that a try.'”

To me, it seems that ‘luck’ is just code for openness.  So, stay open.  To opportunity.  To life.

In total, people that we view as ‘lucky’ are willing to fail and start again.  Yes, people that we view as ‘lucky’ seem to have done everything, but perhaps it is just exposure.  ‘Lucky’ people have done more; it is simple statistics that they would subsequently experience higher rates of success and contentment levels.  Exposure.  And, those smiles.

People that we view as ‘lucky’ have the stories to tell.

But that is not luck.  That is life.

Go get in it!

Yes? 😉

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