Social Jet Lag

14 Mar

So, it turns out I do not have to travel to experience the jet-lag effect.  Great.  And, Daylight Savings did not help.

Truly, it is one type of savings I can do without :P.

Social Jet Lag refers to:  “the problems caused by discrepancies between people’s internal biological clocks (also called people’s circadian clocks, which reflect solar time) and the official clock time that society follows*.  The disruption in body clock synchronization causes erratic sleep pattern at night and makes it difficult for people to get up early in the morning.  The late body clock makes them feel groggy, lowering their daytime vigilance which means that they are not alert and cannot focus on the job properly.”  (*emphasis mine)

Um, hello Collegetown upstate NY and a social life.  And, I’m one of the ‘healthy’ ones.

Or, I was… :P.

Still, I do love to go dancing.  But I digress…

Nonetheless, I was certainly out-done by my Frat boys that stumbled in (and by that I mean woke up) at 2PM! for their (detox) yoga class with me this weekend.  Man.  Oh 17-Mans.  I love making them sweat :).  And, this time they SANG to me!  (You are now aware of my not-so-secret singing restaurant dream.  A singing all male yoga class is a nice second…)  Yet another reason I SHAMELESSLY love Neil Diamond…

Still, what is to be done about this sleep dilemma?  I’m not getting the sky-miles with all my nighttime cruising.  And, I agree, it’s probably not good to put our bodies through such a circadian circus.  Thus, here are some tips to encourage sweet lullabies:

1)  Set a wind-down alarm.  Then stick to it!

2)  Get the technology out of the bedroom.  Get the thoughts out of your head.  Journal.  Remember books?  Yeah.  If you forgot, maybe at the very least maybe they’ll help lull you towards sleep…

3)  Try a warm glass of milk or milky herbal tea.  Mmmchamomile w/ honey and cream!

4)  Cover or turn off all the LED lights in your bedroom that you can.  Make your sleep haven a dark, cool, comforting, zzzz-craving atmosphere.

5)  Find a lovely partner.  Or, at least some rockin’ pillows.  😛

Sweet(er) Dreams tonight!


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