12 Mar

So, I went out music and dancing with one of my lovelies last night and I spotted another one…

Yes.  There is a word for them.  Ten-foot Dancers.

Since I moved and have gone dancing in Ithaca, I have been introduced to many types of movers:  Cement legs,  Clappy,  That (white) guy,  Pushers, Pointers, and (my personal favorite) the Ten-Foot Dancer (TFD).

Now, you will know a TFD when you see one.  There is a radius of room around them.  Their movements seem to imply that they wish that they were an octopus.  They are organic.  They are connected to the music (and arguably some other things too…).  It’s not about personal space with them; it is about needing more space for expression.

It is an experience to watch.

I recommend you go TFD hunting soon :P!

And, also check these guys out.  (My real reason for the night out.)  They were surprising, fun, and kinda incredible.

Really.  Check Scythian out:




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