Things to do with your hands…

11 Mar

How about read them?!

Okay.  I’ll own up to it.  I did a FREE online palm read here.

After someone used palmistry as a pick up line on me, I figured I should sort my own hands out.  It’s actually kinda interesting…


It turns out that one of our hands is our “active” hand and one is our “passive” hand.  (These hands usually correspond to hand dominance but I also read that it gender-specific.)  The “active” hand informs you about how you are living, while your “passive” hand tells you what you’ve inherited or have the potential to do.  Further, you can continually do readings because, as we are active in our lives, we work towards self-development and the variation between our hands grows!

Other nifty stuff:

Hand Size: People with proportionally larger hands tend to think more while people with smaller hands tend to be more impulsive.

Thumb flexibility: A more flexible thumb indicates greater adaptability and a more easy-going character.

Thumb Size: Longer thumbs (a thumb that reaches towards the knuckle of the index finger) indicate a faithful character both within the self and within relationships.

Basically, there is a TON of information out there.  (Have I mentioned I love google?!)  I’m sure lots of it is bullocks.

And, that’s why we have astrologists :P.

Now, for the love of hands!

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