10 things I cannot live without…

10 Mar

Or would NEVER want to.

10) A good bed.  It starts a good day.  Or ends one :P.

9) Berries and Greek yogurt.  My other breakfast fave.  Add a bit of agave and some nuts and I’m a smiley gal!

8) Music–the cheesier the better.  Probably what one of my FAVORITE people would deem ‘incoherent arrangements’ but alas I never said I was that tasteful.

(I can do without auto-tune though!  Thoughts: 


7) Movement.  Yoga, dance, skating, running…  Anything that connects me with my body and reminds me I am NOT stuck.  Indeed, I am so very alive.  Sweating is great too.

6) A nice warm drink.  (Usually coffee!)  It must be sweet.  It must be milky light.  A hug in a mug!

5) Physical connection.  I held someone’s hand while skating nearly everyday for 8+ years.  I WILL get cranky if I can’t get a little huggin’ in everyday.  But, I do not think that’s a bad thing…

4) Google.  Yes.  I just did.  Major time sink–I KNOW.  Also, the quickest way I can start to figure out basically ANYTHING.  Dinner?- yup.  Loan agreements?- yup.  Duck reproduction?- yup.  (That one is a long story…)

3) Work.  I need to be doing something that feels useful.  This keeps me engaged.  This reminds me that I am more than me.  When I am working, I work to be there for someone else.  I am grateful that I am continually reminded that I am not so big.  (In spite of my mind sometimes :P.)

2) Treats!  A note, a flower, or CHOCOLATE, small pleasures bring me big smiles.

1) The people I consider my family.  You know who you are.  You keep me safe.  Grounded.  Heard.  Knowing what love truly means.  It means SO much to me…


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